One of the best things in life, I have discovered even more during this pandemic, is the joy and love from my incredible friends who support my passions and causes.  They have my back in good times and in bad.  They know that supporting the bleeding disorders community is personal for me and has become my life's work.  They understand the importance of access to care and treatment for all - no matter where you live in the world.  

I'm hosting this wine tasting on my back deck, in Pittsburgh, PA because I know the work of the Nevada Chapter of NHF - and how much it means to the community they serve.  The pandemic has been really hard on our chapters and it's up to us to help them when we can.    

On World Hemophilia Day, what better way to celebrate Treatment for All?  My friends and I will be celebrating for a good cause, a good mission and a good vision.  Let's all come together to support the bleeding disorders community.  Please donate if you can to our team, Pittsburgh Girls No Winers Allowed... every dollar helps.

-Dawn Rotellini, Wine Captain (I love that title... I need a shirt)